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Related post: Date: Tue, 27 little preteens porn Jul 2010 04:58:27 -0700 (PDT) From: don mumford Subject: RED HEADED TOBY HOBBS, HIS PEE, AND ME Chapter 4 by Donny Mumford RED HEADED TOBY HOBBS, HIS PEE, and ME Chapter 4 by Donny MumfordI'm inside a porta-potty more than a hundred yards from the main job site and can still hear Merv Comerier yelling for me, "Sullivan! Bring me the pneumatic nailer! The Bostitch one." I can't even take a pee without one of the carpenters needing me to fetch something for them. They'll miss me when I'm gone, and I'll be gone real soon; tomorrow's my last day. It's back to school for me. My senior year at Lawrence high school starts in a few days and to be honest I'm not real excited about that. I'd rather work, but what the hell, I do need that paper... the high school diploma paper, I mean. Jiggling my dick to get the last few drops of pee splashing my fingers, then casually licking my fingers clean, I frown at the taste of my urine... hmmm, interesting. Putting my little-boy-sized penis away and zippering-up, I'm thinking "There's really no reason I need to hurry." So I take a few seconds to stand here in this hot and humid porta-potty rubbing my tongue against the roof of my mouth to maximize the flavor of the urine dribbles. This might seem strange behavior and I guess it is; what I'm trying to do is innocent nudes preteens differentiate the taste of my pee as compared to Toby's. It's all in an effort to impress Toby Hobbs, who's also gonna be a high school senior, by the way. Toby's kind of like my idol. Hmmm, I've confirmed one thing: my pee isn't as bitter as Toby's; wonder why that is? Oh well, I might as well get the nailer for Merv now, but as soon as I step outside the porta-potty that skinny college kid, Brady Haas, is waiting for me. He excitedly tell me what I already know, "Merv's looking for ya, Billy. He want's that fucking nailer again." I go, "Yeah, thanks, Brady. I heard him." Brady asks, "Tomorrow your last day, Billy?" I nod preteen spy nude my head, and say, "Yeah, school starts in two days. When do you go back?" Touching my shoulder as he talks, Brady tells me his sophomore year of college doesn't begin for another ten days. When I glance at his hand on my shoulder he immediately takes it away.Brady might be gay for me. I'm not sure about that, but he does seem to give me a lot of attention. During the workday I'll sometimes glance up to see him staring at me. When he sees me look at him he'll avert his eyes as if he's been caught doing something wrong. If he were cuter I'd encourage his attention because I'd like to have a cute gay friend... I'm gay myself. I've known about me being gay since puberty and never tried fooling myself that I wasn't. That being said, Toby's the only other person in Massachusetts who knows about it for sure. To tease Brady, I adjust my crotch in an exaggerated manner with my hand inside my shorts, groping my small package. He watches closely as the tip of his pink tongue slowly 14yo preteen cp travels across his lips. When I look into his eyes Brady looks preteens clip video down, nervously gropes himself, then does a phony cough. Giving Brady a quick grin and shooting him with my forefinger, I begin jogging towards the work site, chuckling to myself at the effect I seem to have on him. He yells after me, "I'll miss ya, Billy!"I've been the carpenters gofer on this construction crew all summer and while they're mostly good guys, they don't put up with any shit. I gotta stay naked anime preteens on my toes and hustle; the thing is, right now I'm off duty so there's no need for me to hurry. Even so, by the time little preteenz models I pick-up the nailer and get it over to Merv he's pissed-off, sarcastically asking, video preteen massage "Where the fuck ya been, Billy? Ya think I can drive these nails in with my dick?" I'm like, "Oh, ha, jeez, no! Sorry, Merv, I was taking a pee." He mumbles, "Hope ya washed your hands, I do not like piss on my tools!" He's serious; then, to soften the criticism he uses a nicer tone of voice, "Try taking your pee breaks when all of us are on regular break, okay?" I smile back recognizing that Merv isn't aware what undressing preteen pic time it is. See, I get off work at noon and now it's twenty minutes after twelve so what I need preteenporn sex to do is diplomatically make Merv aware of that. I'm cheerful about it, "Oh sure, Merv. That's what I always do when I'm on the job. Well, I'll be going home now. See ya tomorrow." He looks startled, mumbles, "Going home?" and checks his watch, then goes, "On damn! Where'd the time go? My bad, Billy! You were off duty, weren't ya? Hey, sorry I gave you a hard time about the nailer, sport." I shrug while smiling, and say, "Tomorrow's my last day here, ya know." Merv's like, "Yeah? Already? Jeez, kid, good luck to ya." But he'd already gone back to work... the nailer making the familiar, "Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop" sound which prevents further conversation. Carpenters aren't what you'd call sentimental guys; they'll have another gofer starting for them the day after tomorrow. There gonna need to train him though, so that's why I said they'll be missing me. I was polite about the off duty mixup because I want to do some part-time work here during the school year, so I smile and drift away. Whenever you can, smile... that's my preteen miniskirt model motto.Beginning my walk home, I light a cigarette. I'm smoking Winstons now 'cause that's what Toby smokes. The damn things got me addicted again and since there's no smoking allowed on the job I'm especially enjoying this first drag. The cigarette tastes good so I take a bigger drag right after the first one, inhaling it deeply until I feel the nicotine kicking-in making me light-headed for a second. No problem, I like that feeling and anyway I look cool smoking a cigarette so who cares about a little dizziness? I've even come up with this special way of taking a drag off my smoke: I bring the cigarette to my lips quickly, take a big drag, then snap my plump preteen hand away from my lips holding the cigarette between my middle and ring fingers... then, with my chin lifted a little, I exhale the smoke through a small 'O' formed by my lips so the smoke comes out in a long narrow stream that expands into a funnel before drifting away in the breeze. It's a cool way to smoke! I got the idea from Toby who smokes in a cool way too, but different than my way. Wish he were around, but he's not. Toby and his daddy drove down to North Carolina the other day to get Toby's cousin and bring him back here with them. The pedo preteen gratis cousin's sixteen years old and is gonna be living with Toby while the kid's father does time at a federal prison facility in Butner, N.C.. I'm not sure what his crime was, but I do know that Toby's father did time in an Alabama prison for preteen anal free armed robbery, so maybe that bad armed robbery habit runs in the family.It's a hot day and I'm sweaty by the time I get home. The first thing I do is shower and put on clean clothes, then I'm off to Sal's Pizza Shop for lunch. After lunch I'm right down to Toby's house, see if he's home yet. It isn't clear when he'll be back and I miss him. Sitting here on his front porch I'm thinking about all the different types of pee play Toby gets us into, and how I'm okay with most of it. As a matter of fact, lately the smell of his urine is something I kinda look forward to. Toby not only has a urine fetish, he probably has a smoking fetish too, although that's just a guess on my part. No guessing needed for the water sports fetish as Toby comes right out and admits to that. He's not gay like me though, just has a few fun fetishes. Hell, he's not only not gay, he's super hot for the chicks and probably gets more tail than Tiger Woods. Toby's problem is: none of the girls he fucks wants anything to do with his pee fetish. So yeah, while Toby's a chick magnet, there's no pee play involved, plus he's not the type of chick magnet that attracts hot looking babes, so it's not a perfect situation. Toby's the kind of chick magnet preteen smoking pictures that attracts scanks, nymphomaniacs, and biker chicks but he makes do because that boy loves to fuck! When there's no babes available to satisfy his lust for screwing, that's where I come in. Oh man, getting fucked up my bum by Toby is awesome! I like sucking his heavy seven x amateurpreteen model inch cock too, but getting fucked is my favorite thing. Of course, it's a two way street so first I go along with Toby's pee fetish, then comes the fucking part... tic for tat. By the way, Toby's the one got me back into smoking and it's a shame in a way because I'd finally managed to break the smoking habit in Cleveland, then I move back here to Lawrence and get reunited with Toby and now I'm smoking again. Not that I'm really complaining all that much about it 'cause, like I said, it look's cool to smoke.On his front porch waiting for him I'm rubbing my head feeling the eighth-inch-short buzz cut Toby gave me. What happened was this: I had a real nice head of hair until Toby dragged me to his barber and told the old guy to give me a burr haircut the same as Toby always gets. Then, later that same afternoon, Toby's looking at me as we're preteen drawing talking about my haircut and, all of a sudden he smacks his forehead, exclaiming, "What the fuck was I thinking, Billy? We're starting school next week. The kids will see we're friends and they'll add one and one and come up with two, as in 'these two must be queer'... they'll think we're both queer 'cause we have the same exact haircut and all." Toby was on the honor roll last year so he must be smarter than me, but that logic right there, it totally alludes me. Anyway, Toby used his daddy's prison barber clippers to more or less shave my head. At home, my old man said I looked latin preteen candid good and the guys at work said so too, but I'm not so sure about that. I'm thinking they just don't want to hurt my feelings. My problem is that I do just about anything Toby wants kids porn preteen me to do, so I probably need to watch myself with that and be less of a push-over, ya know? Trouble is I've had this crush on Toby pretty much my whole life and by now it comes naturally for me to accommodate him. Funny, I was away seven years living in Cleveland without seeing Toby even once, and then my old man moves us back here to get work, and right off the bat I'm into crushing on Toby Hobbs again. The haircuts not really all that important anyway. Just so ya know, my mind wanders to this type mundane subject matter at times 'cause waiting for someone is a boring pastime!After sitting on Toby's front porch for two hours I walk home, disappointed. In the bathroom I'm taking a piss directing the pee stream at the palm of my hand, which then guides the pee into the toilet bowl. It's warm, pale-yellow urine flowing softly and feels good on my hand, so I pee on my wrist too. Sometimes my pee stream can be a sharp dark-yellow one, and the smell of it varies as well. It has a lot to do with what you're eating and drinking and how much liquid's in your system, and stuff like that. My hand's dripping with pee as my pee stream run out and I squeeze the last few drops into the toilet, so they don't wind-up in my shorts. Flushing the toilet, I pull up my zipper and lift my pee mpg porn preteens drenched hand to smell it and lick at the pee, which has a very slight taste and smell today. Toby sometimes pees into both my cupped hands and then guides my hands to my face and wipes my face with his pee; it can itch or even burn a little when there's a lot of acidity in it. He gets boned up playing with pee and that's really something to see alright... seven, hard, fat inches of pale uncut cock surrounded by his orange pubic hairs; thick, long, orange pubic hairs shining in the fluorescent light of his bathroom. Ah well, he's not here at the moment so I'm cruising my memory banks there a little bit.Toby's taught me about nonude gallery preteen pee, and it's quite interesting. Of course, urine's a liquid waste about 95% water, but, believe it or not, there's some solids in it too. It's sterile, but it can stink due to bacterial activity. Also, eating asparagus, for example, creates a strong ammonia smell... asparagus can also turn pee a light green color. Toby's favorite movie is the Austin Powers movie where photos preteen private Austin preteen photo swimsuit eats asparagus and pees during one of the funny scenes. At one point the camera angle makes it look like he's peeing into someone's open mouth. The normal color of urine is amber, although it can also be clear to dark yellow depending on how hydrated a person is. In case ya don't know, you do not want to drink urine as a substitute for water in emergencies because of the salt content. About 40 to 60 ounces of pee per day is the normal range, but Toby and I force ourselves to drink liquids until our bladders are ready to burst, so probably exceed that amount. Another interesting thing about urine: during Ancient Roman times they used urine to get grease stains out of their clothes and even now, in Scotland, they soak wool in urine before stretching it. Sweaters from Scotland should probably be smelled closely before actually purchasing one. Toby told me all these fun pee facts and many more that I've forgotten; he's a real fan of the stuff.After washing my hand and getting a soda from the frig, I walk back to Toby's smoking another cigarette and observing his house, thinking, "What a dump!" And, it actually is a wreck on the outside, but inside it's immaculate. Toby and his daddy are fanatical about cleanliness. On his front porch, sitting in the rocking chair that Toby's usually in, I chain smoke until a headache forces me to stop. Sure, I'm bored, but I haven't made any friends since moving back so I got nothing else to do. I'm fixated on Toby and when he's not around all I do is wait until he is around. And then, Yes!... finally, here comes Toby's shit-box Toyota chugging up the road, heading this way. Standing, I grope my crotch absently while rocking back and forth, going from one foot to the other... anxious. Toby and I haven't had any pee play time for almost a week now and I'm certainly up for some. It's not that I have a urine fetish like Toby, it's the sex part that follows the pee part that I'm needing. Problem is, with his daddy and his cousin around I don't know how the hell it's gonna work out for us today. As Toby's parking the car at the curb I glance at Mr. Hobbs who's riding shotgun with his arm hanging out the window. The arm with all those prison tattoos running from his wrist to his shoulder, faded and ugly. He's a scary looking man of about fifty years old. A long time ago, while in prison actually, he took up weight lifting and he's kept up with it and as a result his chest, legs and biceps are huge. He's staring right at me as I'm trying not to laugh at Toby's parking skills. Toby's got the front left tire of the Toyota way up on the curb. Driving is not one of extreme preteenz Toby's strengths. Of course, the tire up on the curb doesn't bother him all that much, few things do. He smiles and waves at me and I do a little wave back. I'd like to run to the car and hug him or something, but I've been working on being a little more blase around him recently. Toby doesn't appreciate being fawned over.A wave from Toby, but Mr. Hobbs merely continues his flat, disturbing stare at me. I'm hooked into staring into his washed-out pale gray eyes that never seem to blink. Come to think of it, I don't believe preteen modeling movies I've ever seen him smile either; not into blinking or smiling apparently. The expression on his face is that familiar "don't fuck with me" look; not just to me, to everyone. He ebony naked preteens has a very pale complexion with dirty-blond, gray streaked hair down to his shoulders. His face is narrow with pale thin lips and those strange eyes that are too close together, almost touching either side of his bony nose with its unattractive large pores. A scraggly three day beard completes his appearance which doesn't add up to attractive; not by a long shot! There's also a weird homemade silver earring that's sometimes visible through his long hair and, all in all, he's cast perfectly for the job he has: he's a bouncer at a sleazy strip joint in a tough section of Roslindale. I say, "Good afternoon, Mr. Hobbs," and he goes, "Billy." Toby yells, "Hi there, Billy, nice to see ya!" He always makes me feel like he's glad to see me although he's never once in his life called me on the phone or come by my house to look me up, and we only live a block apart. Toby looks nothing like his daddy, by the way... he takes after his dear departed mother instead. He has orange/red hair always in a burr haircut with the hairs around the ears looking almost white where it's cut so close to his pale scalp. His eyebrows and eyelashes are almost white too; the fair skin of his face is dotted with many freckles. He has pretty blue/green eyes that are light sensitive so sometimes he'll wear cool wrap around sunglasses during the day. He's got a cute pug nose and nice rosy healthy looking lips... his ears, sticking straight out from the sides of his head, are covered in freckles, like his face. It might not sound like he's good looking, but he is. He's slim and strong at about six feet tall with thin, freckled, hairless arms and legs, knobby elbows and knees. Toby's an original! He has this nice way about him towards everyone, but doesn't tolerate crap from anyone, although he's always calm while he's not tolerating it. He's calm, not shy; calm and self assured... both things I'm not.Toby gets out of the driver's side door rubbing his wrist under his nose, smelling his arm; it's a preteen kds dark habit he has. I say, "Hi, yourself, Toby. How was your trip?" He goes, "Whaddya think, Billy? It went fine! We got Neil here. He's my cousin like I told you about." Mr. Hobbs walks by me and continues across the porch to go into the house without uttering a word. The breeze he creates passing by me smells like ***** whiskey, BO, and cigarettes. Toby lights a Winston as his cousin climbs out of the back seat, and says, "What a pain in the ass that ride was. You drive erratically, Toby." Toby smirks at me, and says to his cousin, "Well then, I'm sorry about that, but we got here safely, didn't we?" Both boys are on the porch now and Toby introduces me, "This is a friend of mine, Neil. Say hello to Billy Sullivan. Billy, this is Neil Hobbs." I hold preteen piss out my hand, and Neil says, "You look like a girl, or a fairy!" and he sort of smacks the palm of my hand with his. As his arm moves I catch a whiff of body odor from him too. I mumble, "Oh, I don't know about that," as I rub my buzzed head, then say, "Nice ta meet ya, how ya doing?" He ignores that, and asks, "Are we unloading the car now,Toby, or what?" Toby cheerfully says, "Yeah, lets do that. Give us a hand, will ya, Billy?"Following them to the car I'm thinking, Neil is not what I expected at all! He's Toby's cousin; their fathers are brothers, but Toby and Neil don't even look like they're from the same species, never mind the same family. Their mothers surely must be very different looking. Neil's a ruddy blond fireplug, my hairy preteen gallery height but almost twice my weight and it looks like the extra weight is mostly muscle. Toby's told me his cousin's sixteen years old, but to me he looks about twenty-six. Leathery skin with a flattened nose, small brown eyes. He's got crew-cut, hay-colored hair jutting up from the top of his bullet skull... the sides and back of his head are shaved. A naturally gravelly voice coarsened further, I'm guessing, by a chain smoking habit similar to Toby's. To say the least... I'm wicked disappointed in Neil. I was hoping for a smaller version of Toby and instead I get a smaller version of Toby's scary daddy. Also, how am I free youngest preteen gonna get to be alone with Toby now that Neil's here? This sucks! I help carry in a number of closed-up boxes without being told what's in them; they aren't real heavy, and then lastly, two duffle bags full of Neil Hobb's clothes. All three of us has a cigarette smoldering between out lips while we're unloading so there wasn't much talking going on. When we're done with the unloading Toby gets us all a can of iced tea and we sit on the porch smoking and drinking our cold tea. Neil finishes his cigarette first and then lights another from the butt of the one he just finished, while asking Toby, "You remember Teddy Boswell, don't ya? He's young preteen pussy that fat kid with bad breath who gets sick to his stomach all the time." Toby goes, "Hmmm, I don't believe I remember him." Neil says, "Sure ya do. He's the one in the showers at the pool always pointing at his ass." Smoke streaming from his nostrils, Toby shakes his head that young preteen bloggers he doesn't know the kid, and this exasperates Neil who raises his voice, "The kid that has a tattoo of a mouse peeking out of his asshole," and Toby goes, "Oh, yeah, that Teddy Boswell. How's he doing?" and they talked fantasy preteen blowjob about him for a while. Later they're onto naked free preteen another topic: there's this guy lives next door to Neil who, according to him, is preteen girls funlumpkinsing legally blind and Toby asks, with a little grin, "Ya ever hear of anyone who's illegally blind?" Neil blows out a lot of exhaled smoke, it lazily drifts around his head free gay preteen as he frowns at that last comment, then asks, "What the fuck ya mean by that?" Toby shakes his head grinning and I'm thinking how Toby's probably got all the brains in the family. Like I said, he was on the honor role last year, but I think he tends to talk down to the level of whoever he's with, although it's apparently not always possible to get all the way down to that level.We smoke and drink; me, being my usual quiet self, just listening to Toby and Neil reminisce. Neil totally ignores me, but Toby talks while looking in my direction occasionally and I give him a little smile each time. The second can of iced tea has me thinking maybe, just maybe, there might somehow be some pee play later on. You don't suppose the two cousins could have that urination fetish in common, do ya? What a coincidence that would be. Things begin to look more and more that way though when Toby brings out a third can of tea for each of us. I look at him with questioning eyes and he grins back at me with what I think was a slight nod of his head. Oh boy! Then Mr. Hobbs comes out of the house underaged preteen movies puffing at a large cigar that's clenched between his teeth. He's dressed for work wearing wild angel preteen jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt and heavy boots. Heavy boots for kicking trouble makers in the ass at the strip club, I suppose. He talks around the cigar, exhaling a lot of cigar smoke through his nose, "Toby will get you settled in, Neil... you boys be good now." Toby's always real respectful, he goes, "Yes sir, Daddy; we'll be fine." Neil frowns like perhaps he's uncomfortable with civility between a kid and his parent. A minute later the roar of a motorcycle signals Mr. Hobbs' eminent departure and, sure enough, a second later out from the garage Mr. Hobbs flies down the driveway with tires squealing and that big hog of a bike spitting black smoke out it's exhaust while he snorts-out billows of cigar smoke. All three of us on the porch stare at the smoke until Mr. Hobbs, his bike, and his cigar disappear around the corner.Toby and I are more or less used to this behavior and we look nonplus, but Neil has a deeper frown on his face then before, like, "What the fuck?". His frown deepens further when Toby asks, "You boys up for some golden showers?" Neil's frowning while acting totally startled, sputtering and pointing at me, "Wha, what? preteen female nude Do you, I mean... does this fruit cake know about your piss fetish?" Toby blurts out a laugh, then says, "I couldn't wait to see the look on your face when I mentioned golden showers, Neil. Ha ha ha! Yeah, Billy's up for it; he likes it now. Don't cha', Billy boy?" I go, "I don't know. Sometimes, I guess." Neil curses under his breath, and yells, "Goddammit, Toby, this ain't no good! I don't do it with no queer!" In a very pleasant, calm manner, Toby asks, "How do you know he's queer?" Neil says, "Look at him, fer chrissakes! He's pretty!" Blowing out a lot of exhaled cigarette smoke and grinning to himself, 'cause Toby knows very well I'm gay, but just the same, he quietly says, "Yeah, there's some truth to that. Matter of fact, I told Billy one time he's prettier than my girlfriends, ha ha ha! But being nice looking don't mean a guys queer; you're aware of that, right, Neil?" Neil says, "Well, let's just see if I'm right or not!" and he reaches over and pinches that piece of flesh between my nostril with his thumb and index finger pulling me nude ileagle preteens to him; this guy's wicked strong. Both my hands go to his big wrist trying to preteen models lingerie get his hand away from my face and he smacks the top of my head with his free hand. I'm going, "Ow, ow, ow!" Neil asks, "You queer?" as his fingers readjust to capture my nose tightly in between his strong fingers and this hurts even more. He shakes my head with that death grip on my nose and smacks the top of my head again, his dirty fingernails digging into the sides of my nostrils. In that voice you have when your nose is blocked-up, I say, "Oyww... Yaas, I yam!" and now Toby isn't the only one in Massachusetts, besides myself, who knows I'm gay. Neil lets go of my nose and a trail of mucus strings between my nostrils and his fingers. He rubs his finger on my shirt, then roughly cups behind my neck bending me at my waist, then pulls my face into his crotch, "You like this, do ya? You wanna be my bitch? Huh, pretty boy, be my bitch?" I'm struggling, but Neil's way too strong for me and his one-handed grip on the back of my neck over-powers me; another hard smack catches a lot of my forehead, "Smack!" and I go, "Owww!". Toby quietly says, "Ah, Neil... you should probably let go of him right about now. I told ya he's my friend and I don't take kindly to anyone mistreating my friends." With me still doubled over, preteen girls tpg Neil twirls me around and gives my preteen russian boypics ass a hard slap, "WHACK!!" laughing, then letting go of my neck.I'm like, "Oh, ow!" straightening up and rubbing my ass with one hand and the back of my neck with the other. Then I run my forearm under my nose wiping the drooling mucus, and wonder, "Why is my dick getting hard?". Toby's watching me as he casually lights another cigarette, then, looking Neil in the eyes, Toby says, "Don't do that again, Neil! Okay? Or, ya know, you and me are gonna go at." It's embarrassing to be bullied by a sixteen year old, but this kid's a neanderthal! Neil's still chuckling, making a joke out of it, "Oh, come on cuz, you and me, we're blood, dude! No fighting in the family. I'm just messin' with him." Toby asks, "You okay, Billy?" and, as I grope my dick, I go, "Of course I am, he's only sixteen!" Neil's like, "See, the pussy's okay" and Toby says, "You been warned, Neil, that's all I'm saying. Now, do you two wanna have some water sports fun, or not?" and before Neil can answer, Toby adds, "And Neil, ya might as well get used to the idea that I'm gonna be fucking Billy afterward too." Neil's like, "Oh hell, who cares? Lets do some pissing!" Then, sulking, he adds, "Anyway, I figured you'd fuck 'em soon as I found out he's a queer, ya done me enough times even though we both know I ain't no queer, just horny. Him though, I'm guessing it's a whole different story altogether." Toby mumbles, "It's the same fucking story as yours, it's not different at all. Come on, let's get another can of something to drink." Instead we all get bottles of preteens bra water and do a chub-a-lug contest that almost has me puking. I was trying so hard to finish my bottle before that asshole Neil finished, but he's even faster sexy nymphets preteen than Toby and beats both of us. Gloating, he goes, "Bring on the liquids! Hell man, I can drink you all under the fucking table!" Toby looks at him blankly while lighting another cigarette, then he takes a huge inhale and exhales it in Neil's direction. Neil waves at it with his hands, complaining, "What the fuck? Hey!" Toby takes a step toward Neil, who flinches, but Toby's just going inside for more colombian preteen photo bottled water.We smoke while forcing down another bottle of water and while we're drinking we've all got a fistful of our own dick, holding back the pee. Toby and Neil are telling stories again; this time the stories are about past peeing escapades. One of them involved a much older man who would give them each ten dollars for participating in the golden showers with him. This was during the summers that Toby and his daddy vacationed with Neil and his daddy. The daddies would go hunting, out of season of course, while the cousins did their thing back at the cabin. I was living in Cleveland at the time. Toby claims the old guy's piss smelled strong and when the old man was pissing on him and Neil they'd both hold their noses, then the old guy would drink their pee right from their dicks and blow them until they got off. Sounds kinda gay to me, but somehow it wasn't considered gay by either cousin, just like dark portal preteen Toby fucking Neil or me isn't considered gay by them either. They consider me gay, but not themselves. The logic to that escapes me just like a lot of things do, but I'm not so dumb I'd question it 'cause I like Toby's and my arrangement just fine the way it is.When I didn't think I could drink another ounce of anything, and needed to piss so badly I could taste it at the back of my throat, Toby brings out beers and somehow those two got a couple down while I struggled getting most of just one inside me. Finally Toby says, "Everybody light up a smoke and lets have some fun in the garage." Neil's in a better humor after the beers. He goes, "Hoooeee! I'm up for some urine time 'cause it's been a while, my big dick is gonna be hosing down somebody with high-grade piss." He has both hands at his crotch holding in the pee and playing with himself at the same time. There's a bulge of boner activity showing when he takes his hands away. My penis is leaking so I keep my hand casually covering my lap to hide the wet piss stain but once we're inside the garage Neil gets a sideways look at my crotch and sees the wet spot, it's as big as a silver dollar. He points at it and says, "You got some premature leaking from your twat, girlie-boy?" Toby frowns preteens masterbating pics at the rude references coming my way, but says nothing although Neil notices the expression on Toby's face, and adds, "No offense, just kidding ya, man. Hey, I'll help ya kid, pull down your pants." He's rustling in his side pocket for something as I look to Toby for guidance. He nods his head, saying, "Go ahead, Billy. Neil's gonna be here for at least a year, he'll see your little penis sooner or later." Damn! I reluctantly pull my pants down and to my horror my four inch penis has shrunk to about three inches. That's probably because I'm embarrassed to have my dick out in front of Neil, and it's wet with pee leakage which adds to the shrinkage problem too. I know my dick's four inches long because Toby measured it some time ago... the longest measurement he could come up with was four and a quarter inches; I was boned-up good at the time. I forced the end of the ruler into my belly, getting my penis length to four and a half inches but knew that wasn't an accurate measurement and I'm not into fooling myself, so I acknowledge it's four and a quarter inches, at it's longest. That's the fact of the matter and I gotta deal with it, like it or not. And, normally I'm okay with it, but now that it's shrunk even smaller, it's becoming humiliating!Neil does a mocking laugh when he sees my tiny cock and my face turns crimson and hot; the blushing extends down onto my chest. He surely wasn't faking his laughter; Neil's pointing at my dick doubled over and turning even redder in the face then usual. The raucous laughter got contagious and Toby's chuckling x preteens nude a little too; well, he's laughing out loud actually. After a bit, he says, in between hiccups of laughter, "It's not normally that tiny! Holy shit, you're shrinking, Billy. What's up with that?" I absently pull on it, but if anything it gets smaller. Where the fuck does it go? Neil, getting his guffawing under control and finding what he wants from his pocket, reaches over to cup my entire package in his hand. He's got big hands and the one holding my balls and pecker easily contain the whole deal and making everything look even tinier. I was up against a rompl gallery preteen work bench so couldn't avoid his grab. He gasps another laughing spurt, then mutters "No shit, I've never seen nothing preteen art erotica like this." He's holding everything firmly, but not so tight as to cause pain. Swaying a little while gulping air to compensate for all the laughing, then steadying himself, he pulls on my scrotum, and says, "Whoa, I laughed so hard I almost let some of my piss leak." Then he looks at me and squeezes my nuts too hard making me grunt, as he asks, "Ya know why none leaked out?" I'm uncomfortable because he's got my nuts in his strong hand and I'm afraid he'll squeeze them again, so I'm polite, "Ah, no, why's that, Neil?" Neil nods his head at Toby, and says, "My cuz here taught me how to relax my pelvis and abdomen avoiding inner pressure on the bladder." I go, "Oh, yeah, so that's it, huh?" and he does another tight squeeze on my package causing me to go up on my toes groaning, while Neil's sputtering out, "That ain't all of it, ya dumb shit! Ya gotta squeeze some muscles closed too. What's the name of those muscles, Toby?" Toby blows a lot of exhaled smoke at Neil and it floats around his head, him waving at it with his free hand. Toby says, "Ya best watch how you're treating preteen gymnast nudes Billy, Neil. Ta answer your question, ya tighten the genito-unirary muscles which increases closing tension at the pee outlet." Neil's like, "Yeah, that's it," and to me, he says, "You practice that and you won't have none of this here embarrassing leakage, ya know?" I nod, not knowing what the fuck he's babbling about, and he adds, "Okay, here we go," and, just that quickly, he reaches and quadruples-over a rubber band near the end of my foreskin closing it off like a clamp. While doing it, he's saying, "This'll prevent anymore leaking," then lets loose of my tiny, shrinking package. I believe he thinks he's done something nice here, so I mumble, "Thanks, Neil," but it was really tight and painful on my foreskin and, with my shorts around my ankles, I'm hopping from foot to foot until the stinging and burning subsides a bit as the area becomes numb. Then I can see a bulge at the tip where more pee leaked and expanded the skin like a small balloon.The three of us watched that in amazement, then my penis retracted on it's own almost another full inch getting dangerously close to the two inches mark and scaring the shit out of me. I thought it might disappear altogether! Neil's shaking his head, saying, "Well I swear, it's turning into a cunt right before our eyes!" Toby goes, "Wouldn't that be something." Neil gets an idea, he goes, "Yo Toby, I just thought video preteen porn of something. You'd never think to check...," and he gets my nose pinched between his thumb and forefinger and again pulling me painfully to him, asking, "Hey, how the fuck old are you, kid? Nobody has a dick that small 'less they're real young! I ain't gonna get in trouble messing with no little kids!" I'm going "Owww!" as my eyes catch Toby behind Neil moving so smoothly it seems impossible he could get off a forceful straight jab, but he did; the force of it smashing into Neil's nose making a fleshy "BLunk!!" sound and I hear a subtle snap sound too which makes me think some cartilage got broken during the contact. Neil lets go of my nose and puts both his hands over his, crying incest girls preteen out, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!" as Toby's checking his knuckles for breakage, then he quietly says, "Billy's eighteen, just like me, and I asked you not to bully him, didn't I?" Now it's Neil who's hopping around howling in pain.It's great having Toby act as my body guard and it's satisfying seeing Neil in such discomfort, but I refrain from mocking him. I kept my mouth shut 'cause a year's a long time and there's bound to be times Toby won't be around to body guard Neil from me, so no sense mocking him now only to see him get his revenge on me later. Surprisingly, Neil's taking his beating well, "Shit! That stings! You always did have a helluva right jab, Toby!" His nose is bleeding through his fingers so Toby goes inside to gets a towel leaving just Neil and me in the garage. In addition to a preteen young xxx bloody nose, Neil now has a big pee stain on the front of his shorts; guess when he got punched he let up the pressure on those muscles Toby told us about. Neil groans in pain, then goes, "Damn! This hurts! Ya ever been punched in the nose?" He's in this friendly, very conversational mood. I'd expect him to be totally off-the-wall-bullshit, but he's apparently not. I say, "No, I don't believe I ever have, Neil." He goes, "Whoa! You're lucky then 'cause it's a bitch." Toby's back out with a towel and some ice and a couple more beers. Neil wipes the blood off as best he can, then puts the ice gingerly on nude indian preteen his nose stopping the flow of blood. We smoke and share the two beers preteen moviegalleries as Neil and Toby reminisce about fights they've been in. I gotta pee so bad it's painful and both the other guys are still holding their crotches from time to time too, but they're more experienced with that muscle holding thing than me so I'm leaking into my tied off dick and it's hurtin' down there... hurting like Neil's nose hurts, like a bitch!We're about ready to get going with some golden showers now that the bleeding's stopped completely. No more bleeding, but Neil claims his nose is still very tender and sore and I'm certainly not surprised about that. Blowing a large smoke ring towards me, Toby says, "Billy, before we get into the pee fun, how about you go inside and get a wet dish towel for Neil to clean the dried blood off his preteen feets face. Will ya do that for me, buddy?" I go, "Sure, Toby," and run stiff-legged for the house, my dick's preteen non nude swollen and hard inside my underwear, definitely not stiff like a hard-on though... it's stiff from being full of urine, not blood. By now my bladder's extremely overloaded causing a small little lady preteen mound below my belly button, a mound that's not normally there. A couple of months ago Toby filled me in on bladder details and such. He says the bladder only holds a couple of cups under normal circumstances although our binge drinking is hardly normal preteen cartoon nudes so who knows how much urine is forced into our bladders. There's plenty of backed-up liquid too, not only in the swollen bladder but also in our stomachs, kidneys, ureter... and other places for all I know. Back to the garage I trot with the wet towel where Neil gently cleans the area around his nose which is already swollen with the skin stretched tight, but he's joking around with Toby about the upcoming pee play, no hard feelings. Weird!When cleaned-up satisfactorily, Neil asks Toby, "Naked or dressed. Front or back?" Toby says, "You get the back, Neil. We're in the garage so we'll keep our clothes on." To me, he says, "Billy, let's leave little nudepreteen girls the rubber-band on your dick for preteen photo links a while longer, okay? You'll be peeing all over the place if we take it off and I wanna save that for later." I nod although my two inch cock is painfully throbbing from all the urine pressure and whatnot. Neil's behind me stretching-out the elastic waist band of rapidshare preteen incest my basketball and jockey shorts at the same time; then I feel his cock hanging down my ass crack. It feels long and fat, just like his cousin's. Neil's grunting with the effort of holding back the pee, but a few drops roll out anyway. I feel the warm drops of urine rolling down my crack, across my asshole, and onto the back of my balls. "Hold up until I get my dick inside his pants, Neil," Toby says, as he's stretching the elastic waistband at the front of my shorts. I feel more dribbles of Neil's pee, he grabs my shoulders, adjust his feet a little wider apart, and grunts, "Yeah, okay... I'll try, Tobe." Toby slips his cock down my shorts in front and rustles it around in there a bit until it snakes through my jockey's pee slit. The large head of his cock nestles in next to my stubby, swollen, two inch penis. The head of Toby's cock is larger than my whole dick at the moment. Toby's and my bodies are touching all along the front of us and it's nice being up tight to him like this cause underneath the cigarette odor, he smells good. He smells sexy although in a few seconds all I'll smell is urine. With Toby against my front and Neil up against my back I'm like the baloney in a sandwich. A warm spurt of pee hits my butt and then the warm flow of urine extends onto both buttocks, with Neil groaning out, "I couldn't hold it in any longer, man!" And then Toby's piss starts pouring from his big dick to saturate my cock, balls, and pubic hairs. The warm flow is a hard stream at first and then it levels off to a steady lazy flow of urine with both guys going, "Ahhhhh, yeaaaah!" The warm, soft flow of pee quickly covers my groin and buttocks, then spreads to the sides of my pelvic area and begins running down my bare legs... the urge for me to pee is enormous, and I groan, "Ooooh, God! I gotta go!" As expected, the odor of urine is all any of us can smell and as I feel Toby's cock start getting hard, he does excited, quick intakes of air, thrilled to be peeing on me and thrilled to have his pee mixing with Neil's. Their urine soaks through my jockey shorts and then my cargo shorts. I'm literally dripping with urine and it's something that, once you get used to it, is a bit of a rush, and oh my, the unmistakable odor of piss is so very prevalent. Piss has rolled down my legs and wet my socks and I can feel it now inside my sneakers as both boy's piss flows continue. Toby's preteen top bbs got his arms around my neck holding my forehead against his shoulder and my arms are around his waist. I hear, "Ahhhh, this is so fucking hot!" from Neil, his cock firming up quickly against my buttocks. Turning my head so the side of my face is now against Toby's shoulder I watch Neil. His head's back, his eyes are closed, moans of pleasure from his throat. He's got his hands gripping my waist the way he'd do it if he were fucking me; his hips humping, bumping his crotch into my ass which turned the front of his pants dark with wet pee.It goes like that for less then a minute; both cousins moaning out some sort of arousal sounds the entire time. Peeing on me is a huge turn-on for the urine- fetish cousins. As the pee streams begin to lose their force, Toby backs up pulling his firmed-up cock out of my pants so he can aim that hard hose at my t-shirt. First, from my belly up to my chest, and then I close my eyes as the stream continues up the front of my neck, across my lips and begins spraying all over my face, splattering off my nose. "Open up, Billy!" When I do Toby directs a renewed stream into my mouth. Yeah, it's definitely more bitter tasting than mine tasted earlier today. Neil pulls his cock out incest preteen art of my pants in the back, dragging that hard, fat sausage against my pee drenched ass. I feel a pee stream on my back then, it soaks through my t-shirt near my wing bones. I'm desperately fumbling my saturated shorts down on my thighs, and then frantically pulling at the rubber-band around the end of my foreskin. Neil's stream is at the back of my neck now, then he cups my forehead pulling my head back, away from Toby's shoulder, so his piss stream can cover the top of my head as Toby's stream drops down under my chin... I swallow the last mouthful of piss and, with Neil pissing on top of my head, let my pee begin flowing, but at first only a painful spurt of pee comes out, then a longer spurt, and finally a long hard piss stream with me going, "Oooooooh, aaaahhhh," as the stream picks up speed. It's straight out in front of me so it's probably hitting Toby, but my eyes are still closed so I'm preteen slut sites not sure, he may have stepped to the side. Neil's stream has weaken considerably, it's off my head, only reaching my ass. Toby's done too as the flow recedes down my chest to just barely hit my balls. My dick's still firing a steady stream of pee though and, now that it's safe to open my eyes, I open them and see both guys in front of me holding their hands under my pee stream, turning their hands over so the pee covers the palms and the backs of their hands and up their arms, then putting their legs in the way of the pee stream getting wet up to their shorts. Both guys have that glazed look in their eyes, their cocks are out of their zippers, boned-up tight, listing off to the left. They're both breathing deeply, aroused by the urine... the front of both boy's pants are now wet with the urine thats soaked through my shorts when we were all tight together. The sticky pee, still warm and smelly, is all over us and I can almost see the erotica of it, but not quite. I mostly only like it 'cause it's Toby's urine. Neil's piss isn't doing it for me at all, but I go along like this because Toby wants Neil participating.My pee stream runs out too and, let me tell ya, what a relief it is to pee when you really, really have to go! One last deep breath and, while it's kinda unusual for Toby, he's actually acting a little animated when he says, "Okay, that was awesome! Oh my God, great water works considering everything. Next time we'll get naked in the tub." Neil's like, "Oh, I don't know about that, sounds a little queer to me." Toby gives him a look, then calmly says, "You'll do it." tpg nn preteens Neil makes a face, then mumbles, "I guess I will at that. Are we gonna do a circle jerk now, or what. I'm fucking horny as hell from that piss action." Toby's goes, "Circle jerk? Hell no! There's condoms under that tackle box on the shelf, Neil. If you want to join in getting your rocks off with some sex, get a condom on that big dick of yours. I fuck Billy bareback 'cause I know I'm safe, you'll need to use a condom though." Neil goes, "Awww, a condom? Come on,Toby, I'm safe!" Toby's behind me pulling my pee-saturated pants further down my legs, around my ankles; then, dragging his finger across my buttocks to coat his finger with urine, he pushes it up my ass, saying, "Bend forward a little, Billy," I do, and he tells Neil, in an offhand manner, "If you want to fuck him, you gotta use a condom, that's the way it is." Neil's like, "Oh well, I might as well 'cause I ain't had a piece of ass since we screwed Shiela Brentwood. Remember her, Toby?" Those two went down memory lane again reminiscing about their gang bang last May with Shiela-somebody. Then I feel the head of Toby's cock at my anus and he pushes it in, grunts, "Uh oh," and pulls out leaving my anus burning from the rude intrusion. He says, "Wicked tight without some jelly or something. Will ya do me a favor, Billy?" I go, "Sure thing, Toby," and he says, "Give Neil a little head. His cock is losing it's boner status. We'll get a lubed condom on his dick and he can lube up your hole for me." Oh shit! I don't want to touch Neil's cock, but since Toby asked me to I guess I will. I mumble, "Oh, okay... for you I'll do it Toby." He's like, "Good boy!" and he smacks my ass a good one, saying, "Hey, light me a Winston first, Neilie-boy!" He's in high spirits, like he gets at times when urine's been part of the activities. The two cousins light cigarettes and take a drag; then, blowing out a long exhale, Toby mumbles, "Ahh, that's nice," meaning the cigarette. He says, "Suck on Neil's cock, Billy... and we'll get started." Another big drag on his cigarette and a long exhale, the garage is full of drifting cigarette smoke, he mumbles, "Damn! I shoulda pissed up your hole for lube. Why didn't I think of that?"I'm getting a hard-on from hearing all this talk about those two fucking me, and it's especially hot because Toby takes it for granted that I'll do what he wants me to. It's hot for me the way he takes me for granted; that's been getting me super aroused lately and I don't fully understand it. I'm aroused now though, so when board3 cgiworld preteens I try replying to Toby with, "Sure thing, Toby!", it comes out as an excited wheezy series of sounds instead fashion nn preteen of words which makes Toby chuckle... he knows how much I like getting fucked by him. He says, "I know, I know! You're anxious, aren't ya Billy? Breathe normally for a minute, relax a little, here, take a drag of my cigarette, we're in no hurry." I'm still bent over at the waist 'cause Toby's shoved his finger back up my ass again, loosening me up. He passes his cigarette over my shoulder and I take a big drag, then another and get the familiar dizzy feeling. Toby always lips preteen toplist bbs his cigarette getting lots of saliva on the filter, so I roll his saliva laden filter across my lips... it's the closest I get to tasting his lips. He kissed me once, but it was a brotherly kiss and what I want is a kiss from him where he gets his tongue in my mouth. A while preteen pussy 2 ago Neil asked me if I wanted to be his bitch, and obviously I don't, but I'll be Toby's bitch any time, any place. If only he wanted one. He's interested primarily in female bitches, tranny preteen not boy bitches. Toby's nice enough about it, but I know boys are only a last resort for him. His finger's up my ass to the knuckle now and he's rubbing my prostate getting my dick to move. I take a last drag off the cigarette and pass it back to Toby as I'm checking out my firming-up penis. The talk of fucking my ass and this prostate rubbing has it back to about it's maximum length... four and one-quarter inches. Thank God!Neil's been quiet while smoking, but his boners still appears fairly hard; the pee play got him all reved-up. He steps on his cigarette butt blowing smoke at the top of my head, then, pinching both my ears with his thumbs and forefingers he roughly pulls my head up a little, swivels his hips and that big salami of a cock swinging heavily between his legs comes around to smack my face. preteen porn download Pulling me to him further gets my face smashed against his pubic patch, which is still wet with pee splatters, "Lick the pee off me," he orders. Toby quietly says, "Neil, don't push it or I'll hit you right on your sore nose again." Neil goes, "Ah shit, Toby! I'm just messin' with the kid," then, to naked preteen celebrity me, "Okay, take my cock and make love to it, homo!" Toby's still fingering my asshole as I take Neil's cock and put it in my mouth and suck on the fat head, twirling my tongue over it like I do for Toby. kristina preteen website Almost immediately I feel Neil's pee slit open and close repeatedly like you see fish in an aquarium do with their tiny mouths sometimes. Moving my tongue against his penis lips I push the tip of my tongue inside his cock getting Neil squirming and humping his hips, quietly mumblings, "Ahhh, oooh, hmmmm, yeaaaah!". He's nymphets gymnsists preteen still got hold of my ears and he's pulling my face against him tight again, but doing it slowly so Toby won't think it's abusive behavior. Neil's cock gets even harder and seems to gain girth in my mouth. Fisting the shaft as I'm sucking it, his foreskin sliding on and off the head of that big cock and after a bit Neil goes up on his toes, exclaiming, "Jesus! This kid's a helluva cocksucker!" He begins grinding his hips while pulling on my ears and now his cock's enlarged head is at the back of my mouth near my gag reflects, and I'm thinking, "Uh oh!". Then, just what I was afraid of; a big hip hump pushes the pulsing head of his boner into my throat! I panic trying to pull away, but his grip on my ears keeps me in place. I'm gaging on that big cock, but Neil is so totally aroused he could care less, his hips do an automatic fucking motion, pulling back to drive his big boner down my throat again and again. Tears are running down my face from the stress of it but Neil's not even looking at me, his head's back as he fucks my throat making quiet, "Ahhhhhhh, ooooohhh," sounds. Finally his fingers get damp and slippery with the pee and sweat and my left ear slips free allowing me to pull my head sideways, his cock comes out and points upward, hard and shiny wet with my saliva. I go, "Noooo, don't do that, Neil!" From beginning to end the deep throating lasted maybe twenty-five seconds, but it seemed an eternity to me. Toby, with two fingers up my ass now, wasn't aware of my distress, and asks, "Don't do what, Billy?" Before I can get myself composed to tell him what happened, Neil butts in with, "The fairy swallowed my cock, fer chrissakes!" I tried to say, "He forced it down my throat!" but it came out garbled again. Toby chuckles at my preteenz links garbled attempt at speaking, and says, "Calm down, Billy. You'll have a cock up your ass soon enough," and he slaps my bare ass again, twice this time... "Splat! Splat!" His damp hand hits my pee-dripping ass cheek leaving a hand print in white against the pink quivering skin there. The spanking gets my dick to harden some more. We're sloppy, sticky, and smelly with urine residue, and of course I'm by far in the worst condition. One hundred percent of my body has been saturated in pee and that's all any of us can smell. It's only been two minutes since the last of thailand preteens girls the pee was flowing so it shines on our skin. I'm the only one with his pants down, but Neil and Toby have their cocks out and their bare arms and legs are wet with pee. It's a gross-out raunchy time, but we're all sexually aroused; me mostly because of what's coming, and those two mostly because of what already happened. "Pull the condom on, Neil, and lube that boy's mexican pre teen ass up good." Toby's sounding aroused which is especially noticeable in him as he's normally so calm, cool and collected. Stroking himself, taking deep breaths, Neil seems more anxious to fuck me than he'd like us to know. A big drop of liquid appears from his pee slit and for a half a second it sparkles in the sunshine flowing through the garage window, then lazily rolls down the long shaft to get smeared under Neil's fist as he strokes his saliva covered boner a few more times, mixing my spit with his precum.Neil gushes, "Fuck, you're right again Toby! This is hot!" With his free hand on the back of my head, Neil's kept me bent at the waist and now he smacks the back of index images preteen my head hard, and says, "Stay!" then comes around behind me as Toby's changes places with him. Toby lifts his semi-firm cock to flick against my nose and across my lips. "Ask me nicely for it, Billy." This is a recent development; Toby wants me asking his permission to suck his cock and then beg to be fucked. It's just a game to him, as all sex is to Toby, but to my surprise having to beg him for sex makes it even hotter for me than a normal fuck. Jeez, ya never know when something's going to hit you just right and be a huge turn-on, but there it is. I go, "Please, please, please, Toby, may I suck your perfect cock?!" He says, "Call it by it's proper name," and I go, "Please, please, please may I suck your perfect penis?" "Go ahead, Billy, and this time let me feel something from those sharp little teeth of yours too." I take his semi-firm penis right into my mouth, and can't help but go, "Mmmmmm!" and do luscious licks all around the head and across his pee slit getting it quivering like Neil's was doing. Then, taking it out of my mouth and holding it against my face, the head stretching to my forehead, I lick from his nuts all the way up to that expanding head, then again, and again, and again... then back in my mouth, bend my head forward and take it into my throat with my teeth scraping lightly along the shaft. I move my head back until I'm just biting the head, then moving my head forward I reverse the process and Toby's hissing and rubbing my head as his big cock slides into my throat again. I like Toby's cock in my throat! He's moaning, "Bite me gently, Billy, scrape those little sharp teeth easy now. Ooooh, yeah! Now suck away the scrapes."When I'm back to normal sucking and licking the shaft, Toby's telling Neil, "I never had my dick sucked properly until Billy started doing it. I told this girl, Marlene; it was the night before I drove down with daddy to get you, I told her, 'Honey, you better take lessons from my gay friend about how to suck cock 'cause you ain't cutting it sweetheart!' and she tried harder, but ya know... forget about it! Girl's can't compete with gay guys when it comes to cock sucking!" Neil's breathlessly fumbling with the condom wrapper, he preteen girl gift grunts, "I ain't had my cock sucked by many gay guys... just this fairy here, Bobby what's-his-name, and..." Toby says, "His names not Bobby, it's Billy Sullivan!" and Neil goes, "Oh yeah. Just Billy and that other older guy... the guy that bags groceries down at the supermarket that time." Toby humps his hips getting his orange bush against my face, offering me encouragement, "Yeah, feeling awesome, Billy. Suck my cock good!" His boner's as hard as it's ever been and feels fabulous in my mouth. I take it in my fingers to rub the head against the inside of my cheek and Toby starts up with the hissing sound again. Then he finishes his story, "Well... anyway, this girl finally gave up trying to suck cock as good as Billy and she bends over backward pushing her twat up at me. She says, 'Okay, big mouth, lets see if you can fuck me better 'n you fuck your gay friend!' Ha ha ha! She was offended of course, but really, no one sucks cock like a gay boy." Neil's like, "I gotta believe you're right about that, cuz." I love hearing Toby praise me and it got me putting even more effort into sucking him off good.Deep throating, licking and sucking Toby's big slong, with his orange pubic hairs tickling my nose, gets me as hot as it gets him... it's one of those 'win-win' situations. What a contrast to sucking Neil's cock: sucking off Toby is awesomely sexy... sucking Neil, a totally unpleasant experience. Go figure, I mean they're both big cocks, but one gets me going and the other turns me off! Neil's finally got the condom on, mumbling, "I got this here fucking lube all over my fingers," as he's wiping his fingers across the back of my pee-saturated shirt. Then hard slaps on my ass, "WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!! gets me moving side to side, pulling off Toby's cock to look back and see Neil, his pants down to his thighs, spanking my ass with his open hand, his condom encased boner swinging side to side as his arm swings from way back to smack my ass again. I'm holding sex preteen children my hands back there trying to block the smacks. Neil goes, "Just loosening your pussy-hole faggot, and two more, "SMACK! SMACK!" "That should be enough, Neil," Toby says with a gasp... my cock sucking has him breathless too and he probably wants his cock back in my mouth. The spanking stopped, I put his cock back in my warm wet mouth as Toby's squirming his hips, rubbing my pissed-on shoulder and head and making quiet humming sounds in his throat, just like I had Neil doing, only now I'm hot too. My eyes, at the top of their sockets, see Toby biting his bottom lip, then licking around his lips with his big pink tongue flicking in and out. Oh boy, I've got him hot for me now! When I get him like this he usually gives my ass a wickedly awesome fuck. I take Toby's boner in my throat again as I feel Neil get both his thumbs in my anus stretching it sideways, and then up and down. The stinging on my buttocks fades and I await the feeling I love... a hard cock up my hole. With his lube-slippery hands Neil gets a firm grip on my hips, followed immediately by a strong thrust propelling his big cock right past my sphincter muscle-ring and forcing it way up my rectum; a good four inches at least. Oh God, I wasn't expecting that kind of violent entry, it hurt! I see the stars of entire universes flashing behind